Pick one – the key to getting stuff done

Over the last couple of weeks I introduced you to the 5-stage framework for assessing your business and planning what to do next. That pesky name thing… As you know one of the things that I’m contemplating is a name for the framework (thanks to those of you who suggested names)! At the moment, my... Continue Reading →

Where do I focus next?

In my newsletter of September 8 I first introduced the concept of the 5-stage framework for assessing how well your business is doing. This week, we’re going to take this one step further to see how we can use the framework to not only assess performance, but also how to use the model to plan.... Continue Reading →

The 5 Conflict Management and Negotiation Strategies

Progress is impossible without conflict - and resolution - of some sort. Yet, we’re never taught how to manage conflict - either in our personal or our professional lives. So we often get stuck in conflict situations without progress, wasting time, effort and emotional energy. The same situations occur in leadership teams, sometimes exacerbated by... Continue Reading →

Building a business is an emotional thing

The most common reason startups fail is because the founders build something people don't want. The second most common reason - less well known - is because of disagreement between the founders. When you start out building a company with one or more partners, everything is exciting. There's the buzz of the startup, the excitement... Continue Reading →

Understanding Marketing and Lead Nurturing

The biggest problem most businesses struggle with is revenue. More particularly, we struggle with marketing, which in turn should generate leads, which eventually should lead to sales. As you know I’m a big fan of simplifying things so that they are easy to understand. Once we understand something we can break it up into parts... Continue Reading →

How do I avoid giving away the farm? I had a question from one of my subscribers this week. It goes something like this: I have contractors delivering part of the services I provide to my clients. I would like to offer some of these contractors an affiliate program, where they will work under my... Continue Reading →

The three biggest barriers to sales

A squirrel can jump about 4 feet high and as far as 9 feet horizontally. Given that they're less than one foot from nose to tail, this is pretty amazing. We're fortunate to have a south-facing back yard with lots of mature trees, and there are lots of squirrels around. Spring and summer is great... Continue Reading →

A slip is not a fall

Some 92% of us don’t achieve our New Year’s resolutions. There are many reasons we fail at reaching our goals – everything from biting off too much or not having a plan to patently unrealistic way-out-there goals that are way too big to achieve without breaking them down into smaller bites. Often we will give up... Continue Reading →

46 Ways to generate leads The one single problem that I've seen almost all businesses struggle with is lead generation. How do you get leads? Where do you find them? How do you get their attention? And once you have their attention, how do you get them to give up their email address so you... Continue Reading →

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