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How a product ladder makes it easier for customers to buy – and keeps them coming back for more.

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Kaizen is a Japanese word for continuous improvement. It is the philosophy of continuously examining what we do and making improvements where possible. Kaizen first became famous in the west when Toyota’s manufacturing processes seemed to be able to produce more and more vehicles while maintaining levels of quality that far surpassed their competition. Today, kaizen is accepted and practiced …

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Fake it till you make it: how imposter syndrome can elevate your game (even if you’re not the world’s greatest expert)

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Adele is a well-known singer and performing artist. She is also perhaps slightly less well known for her stage fright – she says that even as she gets more experience, her stage fright gets worse. Some recent news articles suggests that she may even have trouble doing future tours because her stage fright is so bad. Just like even the …